Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft 365 brings together the best productivity apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security in one, connected experience.

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Specialised Courses

We deliver a broad range of training related services. We also develop solutions for the products that we offer training on.

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Soft Skills Courses

Our soft skills include courses such as Emotional Intelligence, Business Writing, Presentation skills, Supervisory skills, Communication skills and much more.

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Training content does not exist in isolation.
As part of the training projects we work on we deliver various content formats. The selection of formats are dictated by a host of factors in the content ecosystem (see below) including the learner preferences. We honour those preferences, as they greatly impact adoption and transfer of learning and ultimately value for money.

Content ecosystem
Training is not developed or presented in isolation, to ignore the ecosystem in which it exists is to set yourself up for failure!

Hard-copy content
This constitutes printed material that the learners can use in class and take with them at the completion of the sessions.

These include:

Manuals – as we understand and use them currently. These can be as comprehensive as technical manuals or purpose built for use in class.
• Handouts – pamphlets, case studies, or additional information not available at the time of print or just simply timed to be included in the course when the instructor requires it.
• Quick Reference Guides – these are succinct, colourful, graphic rich memory prompts for complex processes, guides for steps, of summaries of the course content. These quick reference guides can be produced as a deck of cards, fold out, calendar, cube or any other interesting shape that will increase the reference value of the object.
• Cheat-sheets – one page list of important information or commands to a software system.
• Assessments / Tests – to be used at the completion of the course, or inclusion in the manual for use at a later date.